Equipment Manufacturer

A manufacturer of safety and personal protective equipment had been experiencing steady increases in material costs. The company had utilized the LIFO inventory method in the 1990s, but elected off of LIFO due to the complexities associated with the method. They decided to consider LIFO again as a means to free up cash to reinvest in the business for the 2010 tax year. A no cost analysis by SourceCorp Professional Services showed the company was experiencing 4% inflation, which yielded a first year LIFO Reserve of over $4.1 million – a tax deferral of over $550,000 in year one, which the company used to expand their business. They were also able to eliminate the concerns and complexities presented with their prior LIFO method by utilizing SourceCorp’s services.


An aluminum distributor with roughly $20 million in inventory had been on LIFO for 15 years. While their current method had produced a sizeable LIFO Reserve over the years, the company was open to considering other LIFO methods. By changing to the IPIC LIFO method, the company was able to increase their LIFO Reserve by $2.5 million above their prior method for the 2010 tax year. The audit protection received as a result of the method change proved to be an additional benefit of electing IPIC.

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