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“Companies don’t go bust because they don’t make money; they go bust because they don’t have any cash.”

Tax Opportunities
Many businesses are having a tough time meeting their operational and loan repayment obligations. There are many viable and easy-to-implement tools to generate cash.

Inventory Accounting Method: Do you carry $1M or more in inventory? This inventory accounting method can bring cash infusion to your business.
R&D “Process Improvement” Tax Credits: Have you devoted time and resources to new or innovative products or manufacturing processes, improvement of existing products, patent development, software development, design and engineering staff, prototyping, modeling, and trial-and-error testing? If so, this strategy can increase cash flow.
Accelerated Depreciation: Have you built, purchased, or renovated a building in the past 10-15 years? This tax savings strategy can improve the economic health of your bottom line by accelerating the manner in which you recover the investment in your facility costs for income tax purposes. If you own property valued above $650,000, this strategy can increase cash flow.
Commercial Building “Green” Tax Deduction: If you have built an energy-efficient building, or upgraded your HVAC or lighting system to reduce energy consumption, you may qualify for this deduction and reduce the amount of tax you owe.

If your company is looking for a smart way to increase cash flow, you owe it to yourself to learn more about these tax-saving-cash-generating strategies.

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The IRS issued Notice 2008-40Deduction for Energy Efficient Commercial Building” clarifying and amplifying Notice 2006-52. Notice 2006-52 provides a process that allows a taxpayer who owns a commercial building and installs property as part of the commercial building’s interior lighting systems, heating, cooling, ventilation, and hot water systems, or building envelope to obtain a certification that the property satisfies the energy efficiency requirements of § 179D(c)(1) and (d) of the Internal Revenue Code. Read More →

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